Proven Tips To Get A Lifetime Of Games For Free! Backup PS3 Games

Knowing the lifespan of current media storage such as CDs and DVDs, one would say it’s too short especially if wear and tear is part of the daily routine. Needless to say, games that are used regularly will somehow or eventually fail given its nature of service and once these plastic discs are done they can never be returned to their former glory.

Most if not all gaming consoles whether it’s the PS3 or the Xbox, will not allow sharing of games. On the other hand, games downloaded from online providers cannot be transferred and shared even if they are of the same make and model. Although this barrier has been set high, some people picture these machines as somewhat lacking of improvement so they invented ways to get past those limitations. Most things modern attribute. Like smart phones having come with the multitasking the ability to do all your office work and more, the gaming console evolved as such that playing movies and connecting to the World Wide Web is possible.

PlayStation has upgraded to a form of computer having a large storage space for saving games. But having to backup PS3 games can be a monumental task for many people since they have safety features to secure them. A big disadvantage considering the stored games cannot be used on other units. Now, what if you own two consoles of the same type? You download a game on the other and you cannot transfer it to the other one? You can’t even backup PS3 games you own already?

If you’re an avid gamer with loads of cash to spare or just saving up to improve your baby, then modchips is the weapon of choice. But in a sense it is better to backup PS3 games than installing modchips. This is because its way cheaper to create backups of games rather than having some modifications done. The labor and parts cost hundreds of dollars. Also, updates will not work after the mods are done. Bear that in mind when you think of getting this option.


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