Football- Great Sport For Players & For Betting Too

No matter what Americans think about the game, the fact remains that football (Soccer to the Americans) remains the most popular sport in a majority of the countries. It continues to fascinate the newer generations and its popularity scales newer heights with every passing season.

Football is also the sport where betting is most prominent. Bookies make the most of the popularity of the game. It can be reliably argued that horse-racing too cannot be too far behind in terms of volume of betting but football is clearly ahead of others when it comes to betting. The sheer volume of matches played across the globe and all around the year ensures that football is available for betting 24X7 throughout the year.

The 90 minutes that a football match lasts sees many twists and turns with fortunes fluctuating wildly from one team to another. If the teams are evenly matched, it is even more difficult to predict a win, lose or draw situation. Such situations are ideal for bookies. The more uncertain the situation, the higher are the stakes that they collect. A live match period sees thousands of dollars change hands as the situation changes rapidly.

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