Solar Fairy Lights – The History Of Solar LED Christmas Lights And String Lighting

When you take a moment to notice solar LED Christmas lights and observe the lighting that we place around our outdoor areas at festive times it may make you think how people in the past celebrated Christmas. There was no electricity or solar technology. There were no solar LED Christmas lights or rope lights to add an ambiance to festive gatherings and celebrations.
What people did to light up a festive Christmas tree, in place of the modern day fairy lights, was put candles in selective locations so the decorations were lit up by the flames. This is quite dangerous compared to the operation of modern string lighting. Burning candles needs constant supervision and winds can extinguish the flame.
The cost of candles was high as electricity was not yet an invention. Solar string lights were not yet conceived. Lighting trees with candles was an option only available to wealthy families. Most people could only afford candles for practical uses such as providing light for their homes. Solar LED Christmas lights are common now but the primitive form of this lighting was a luxury only available to the wealthy in the past.
Candles were frequently glued to the branches and leaves of trees. Alternatively, pins were used to secure the candle in place. Eventually, actual candle holders came along. Lanterns and glass coverings soon followed. Incidences of fires were becoming quite common. Our modern and safer solar LED Christmas lights were slowly coming into the collective awareness.
In 1822 Edward Johnson conceived the electrical Christmas lights. The original model that he invented had roughly 80 bulbs. Solar LED Christmas lights today are far more impressive but at the time it was a big deal. Fires became more common from 1917 which led to the invention of safety lights that could be used both inside and outside. The bulbs consumed a great deal of electricity so this form of lighting remained available only to the wealthy unlike string lighting today.
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