Finding Keyword Volume

Once we know what keywords are, we then have to go through the process of finding them, and what tools we can use to locate these little gems. There are three main things we are going to try and establish when checking for good keywords. The first thing is the search volume; this is the amount of people that do searches for a word or phrase. Then we want to see the amount of advertisers that are competing for the phrases we’re after. The last thing we check is the amount of commercial intention a keyword might have. This is how many sales were generated historically from this keywords past performance.

To stay within the scope of this article we will discuss how we find good search volume. We will also look at the amount of competition for chosen keyword phrases, and how it might be easier to find our keywords before we find our niches. If I start with a niche and want to find keywords, I look at words or

phrases that best describe what I am selling.

For instance if my niche was in the toy industry and I sold toys, I would take the word toy and put it into a free tool I use online called “WordTracker keywords free keyword suggestion tool”. This is a great tool, it is a stripped down version of the WordTracker keyword tool. You can find this free tool at

We then proceed to put the word that best describes our product into the WordTracker tool and click the “hit me” button. If for example say we were selling toys. And we put the word toy into the textbox and hit the button we would end up with a list of words or phrases, with a column of numbers on the left hand side. The numbers on the left of the words are how many times these keywords or phrases get searched each day according to the

WordTracker database. This number is actually a lot smaller then the search volume that Google has each day, this is because Google has a lot more searches then the search engines that WordTracker uses to gather there data. Now in our toy example above we see that we have some keywords with some good search volume. Here is a list of some of the results.

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